10 Great Gift Ideas for Boys

We’ve made your holiday gift-giving a little easier with a list of Great Gifts for Boys 10-13.

1. Sports Stuff. If your kid is a sports nut, some new equipment or apparel for his favorite sport will be a welcome surprise.  You can also feed his sports fandom with customized wall art showcasing his favorite team or game.

2. Building toys. If your son always loved Legos as a little guy, there are more advanced, challenging sets available for older kids. They even have architectural sets that allow him to build replicas of landmark buildings.  For guys ages 5 – 15, the Chaos Tower is worth the splurge.  Dad or mom will have to help younger kids, but the building and playing are worth the effort.
3. Books. At this age, there’s a world of great literature out there that your child is old enough to read. Encourage him by giving a good book as a gift.  Here’s our book list to get you started.

4. Magazines. Kids love getting things in the mail, so get your boy his own magazine subscription.  Start with this list and don’t forget classics like Sports Illustrated for Kids (don’t worry, it’s kid-appropriate and no swimsuit issue).

5. Tickets to a big game or event. If there’s a particular team your son would love to see first-hand, tickets to a game in the near future would be a great surprise. Ditto for a concert featuring a favorite pop star. Stub Hub is reputable and safer than buying discount tickets from a scalper.

6. Outdoor/camping gear. Guys of all ages love to camp out and seek adventure, even if it’s just in the backyard. A survival kit, new tent, or sleeping bag would be a big hit.

7. Hobby sets. Find a kit that helps him explore a hobby he already loves or try something new. Lots of boys get a kick out of learning to do magic tricks or cool science experiments.

8. Musical instrument. If he’s ever expressed an interest in learning the drums, guitar, or other instrument, Christmas is a great time for surprising him with an instrument.  This site has instruments for all ages and ability levels.

9. The original Beard Hat. Why? Because it makes us laugh.

10. A new watch. Find a watch that fits his personality. A durable sports watch is often a good bet for guys.