10 Great Gift Ideas for Girls

What do girls love?  It depends on the girl.  But, this list of gift ideas for girls is a good place to start.

1. Dolls.  We’re not talking your run of the mill dolls.  You can find sweet handcrafted cloth dolls that will please your preschooler, and your tween or teen who enjoys artsy crafts.

2. Bikes and scooters. Give your daughter outdoor play items that keep her moving and healthy.  You can also try a pogo stick and stilts.  My 10 year old got stilts last Christmas and still loves using them.

3. Fun fashion accessories. Girls at this age are just beginning to enjoy creating their own style from time to time. Give her some tools to work with in the form of fun scarves, belts, hair accessories, and jewelry.

4. Hair accessories.  Little girls and big girls really get into unique hair accessories.  There are some darling felt hair clips in shapes of butterflies, birds, and more on Etsy. Even older girls will enjoy any of these one of a kind hair creations.

5. Art supplies. If your girl loves to create, a set of good-quality art supplies from the craft store can supply hours of creative fun.  To carry them from here to there, try a super-cute art totes to keep things organized for preschoolers and elementary girls.

6. Books and Music. Your teen or tween likely has a few titles and singles on her wish list, as well. A gift card for new books or music can’t miss.

7. PJs. Girls of all ages (3-83) love a cute, snuggly, new set of pajamas.

8. American Girl dolls, books, and accessories are wholesome and perfect for the 5-10 set, sending girls positive messages and creating good role models. It’s true that they are pricey, but the products are high quality. If the price point is a concern, there are a few competitors offering similar dolls (18”) and accessories.

9. Luggage. You’ve probably already figured out that your daughter is in constant motion, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. A great piece of luggage will be a welcome companion for weekend trips and sleepovers.

10. Tickets for THE show. Whether it’s a concert or the national tour of a favorite musical, a live entertainment experience is a great memory!

11. A piece of “real” jewelry.  Your tween is finally old enough to keep up with a piece of quality jewelry, like a sterling locket and chain, or some gold or silver earrings. Pieces that can be engraved or personalized are always fun.

12. Room decor. As your daughter starts transitioning from little girl to tween, she’ll probably want to make some changes to her room. A new teen-looking bulletin board, a fun lamp, or a bean bag chair can help her make her nest fabulous.  You can also surprise her with personalized wall art with her name, or a favorite quote or verse.

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