10 Things That Don’t Determine My Value

value of a woman

The other day I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook when I came across a sad and mean-spirited article. The title of the article was something along the lines of “Former Hot Celebrities Who Are Now Ugly.” It made me feel bad for those celebrities and grateful that I’m not one. I scrutinize myself enough in the mirror without someone pointing it out in public. The article got me thinking about how mean I had been to myself about the way I looked and asking the question why. Why was I so mean to myself about how I looked? Because deep down inside I valued myself based on how I looked instead of taking joy in what God created in me. It’s time to be free of that way of thinking.

If you are ready to be free from it as well, then join me in knowing these 10 things that don’t determine the value of a woman.

value of a woman

Tell us! What determines your value?