10 Things Every Mother Wants for Her Children

parenting around the world

Recently I read about how kids are raised around the world. For example, in Japan, there’s no summer break from school. In Norway, pre-school and school children play outside unless the temperature is below 14 degrees. In Northern Ireland, birthday parties are Pinterest-free zones; moms just pick-up invitations and cakes from the grocery store, and the theme is always plain old birthday.

If you look up parenting around the world, you’ll find a lot of variety—from letting kids play outside in very cold temps in Norway to letting strangers help children get through temper tantrums in Ireland (where were they when I needed them?!) But moms all around the world want their children to be safe and happy. Here are 10 things all moms want for their children.

1. Emotional Health.

If our children have a strong emotional foundation, they’ll better weather the ups and downs of life.

2. Physical Health.

Robust health should be appreciated and protected.

3. Spiritual Health.

An active faith gives a child a framework for loving themselves and others. It gives them a blueprint for living.

4. Passion for Learning.

Mothers inspire their children to explore the world.  They can lead them to great books, beautiful music, and worthy pursuits to consider.

5. Good Friends.

Just one good friend can make all of the difference.

6. Joy.

Mothers teach their children that the wellspring of joy doesn’t flow from circumstances.

7. Purpose.

It’s helping our children know they have great value and helping them channel that value into a reason for living.

8. Wisdom.

Wisdom will allow our children to consider before they act.

9. Hope.

Hope will see our children through the dark days of their lives.

10. Love.

The be-all-end-all. To learn to love, and be loved, truly, unselfishly, and lavishly.

What other things would you add to this list?