10 Things Kate Needs to Know About Being a Mom

Princess Kate is not your average mom.  She has servants – lots of them.  She lives in a palace.  And she and her little bundle are photographed everywhere they go.  Still, even with the perks and access to information that come with being royal, there are some things we’d like to share with Kate about motherhood.

1. Prepare yourself to fall in love.  Okay, we know you love Wills but your heart has never seen love like this—the love a mother has for her child.  It’s pretty amazing.  It will inspire you to go beyond what you think you can do (like getting by on two hours of sleep), and it will at times break your heart (when your little darling gets that first boo-boo.)

2. Say yes to the rest.  If your lady in waiting offers to hold the baby while you get some shut-eye, say yes as quickly as you can and jump into your bed.  If your Mom tells you to prop your feet up while she takes the baby for a stroll, do as she says.  A rested mom is a better mom.  Take advantage of any offers of help that come your way.

3. Trust your gut. You will be crushed from all sides with advice and mandates regarding how things “must” be done with your baby. But no one knows that baby like you do! Even a first-time mom knows deep down when something isn’t working. Trust yourself enough to try a different approach to find what works best for you and your baby.

4. The gut will go. If it took nine months to put the weight on, it may take a similar amount of time to take it all off in a healthy fashion. Be patient, be healthy. All in good time.

5. You can’t spoil a baby.  There will be those who ogle your baby’s clothes, and toys, and privileges that come from pedigree.  They’ll talk about how your baby must be spoiled.  Well, your baby doesn’t care about anything other than being held, loved, and cared for.  You can’t hold your baby too much.  You can’t love on your baby too much.  If people say you need to start now to “train” your child, just smile, pick up your baby, and hold your breath.

6. Grandparents can’t help it.  If the Queen tells you how she gave your father-in-law his first bath, “just like this,” or if your own mom goes on and on about how you should, ought, or have to do something for the baby a certain way, just know that they’re offering advice because they care.  And they don’t just care; they’re actually so smitten with their grandchild that they can’t hold back on giving tips.  When they’re driving you crazy, remember that their words come from a place of love.

7. Resist the pressure.  Your child will have opportunities most children will never have.  But along with that advantage, will also come pressure on you to groom your child, push your child, and shape your child to make them a “better person”  too.

8. Have fun!  The days with your baby will go by very very quickly.  Before you know it, you’ll have the royal photographer around for the one-year-old portrait, then the two, and five, and so on.  So fill your days with laughter and joy.  Carve out time for just you, baby and daddy to just enjoy each other.

9. Don’t forget the Prince.  Parenthood can bring you and William closer, but it can also put a strain on a marriage as you try to navigate your new roles.  Let your husband be as involved as he wants to be in caring for your baby.  The more you encourage him in his attempts to help you and the baby, the better ally in him you’ll have as your child grows.

10. Be kind to yourself.  You are only human.  You will make mistakes as a mom.  You will lose your temper.  You will lose sleep.  You will lose your way…at times.  But there is no one who will love your child as you do.  Your child will need you every step of the way, so treat yourself kindly so that you can be there and be ready.

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