10 Wacky Weekend Ideas!

Before you bulldoze through another weekend, clear the calendar and make way for some wacky family fun!

1. Sing your way through your meals.

One voice at a time, of course. Make up your own melody, or change the words of a classic tune. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” could go like this, “Danielle, Danielle, you’re a dream! Will you please pass the beans?”

2. Dance your way through weekend chores.

You can still have a wacky weekend and get stuff done around the house. Create a CD or playlist of your family’s top five upbeat songs, hit play, turn up the tunes, and dance your way through the cleaning. Grab the video camera during one of the songs. You’ll want to remember your kids shakin’ their bottoms while dustin’ their dresser!

3. Switch beds with your kids.

Let them all pile in your bed for the night. You and your hubby pick one of their beds to squeeze into. (Hint: Be sure to pick the bed of the kid that’s potty trained!)

4. Wear wigs or silly hats.

See who can wear them the longest. Challenge them to wear it to the grocery store or their baseball game. Do you think you could?

5. Little man rule.

All weekend, have your kids pretend that there is a little man sitting on the edge of their cup. Before they take a sip, they have to take the little man off. If they forget they have to spin around 5 times. Your kids will watch each other like hawks for a chance to bust their siblings or, better yet, dad!

6. Watch your family’s favorite movie in another language.

Chances are, you already know every line, now you’ll know them in French or Spanish too! Go to the “settings” feature of your DVD, click language and pick from the options listed.

7. Be a clown!

What’s wackier than a painted face and oversized shoes? How about, throwing cream pies in each other’s faces? The rule here: if they want to throw like a clown, they have to dress like a clown. Have them paint each other’s faces, grab dad’s old shoes and don some mismatched clothes. Head outside and give each participant an aluminum disposable pie pan, and one (or two) can(s) of whipped cream. Once they hear “Go!” everyone can fill their pan and throw it at their opponent, then grab a pan, fill again, and throw! When they’re out of whipped cream, they’re out of the game. Or have them bring out the bucket of water balloons you filled up earlier—also an easy way to get ’em all cleaned up!

8. No forks, no napkins, no problem!

Make one meal completely utensil-free. And make sure it’s not for a “hot dogs and French fries” kind of meal. Where’s the fun in that? Think spaghetti, gelatin, applesauce, salad, or peas. They will love watching you dig in with both hands and no manners! Tip: Be sure you’re all wearing old clothes or bibs!

9. Capture the Stocking!

For this game of tag, you’ll need some old panty hose or stockings (clean, of course). Create a stocking cap by cutting off one of the legs of the stockings at the thigh. Cut off the other end and insert a balled up sock or soft ball, tie off the end. Stocking should have some weight to it on the end. The object is to capture the stocking hat. Don’t be surprised if, for them, the game is more about swinging the stocking around as fast as they can.

10. Be a character…aside from the one you already are.

Try a pirate, medieval warrior or princess, animal, southern belle or gentleman, Santa, rock star, Miss or Mr. Universe—you get the idea. Invite your kids to be part of the act, and take it as far as you can—costumes, voices, storyline, set, whatever. Get silly with it!