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10 Ways to Fight Fair With Your Spouse

In the heat of battle with our husband, it’s so easy to hit below the belt, and so hard to keep our cool and fight fair, especially when he isn’t.  But, if we don’t take the high road, bitter fighting can destroy our relationship.  In fact, studies show that one negative comment or argument can negate dozens of positive interactions between you and your husband.

Fighting in marriage is pretty much a fact of life. Understanding that fact, and taking deliberate steps to engage in conflict from the standpoint of committed love, is one of the most important things married couples can learn to do.

Learning how to “fight fair” can make all the difference.

1. Nice girls do finish first: Kindness may well be the strongest card you can play in a disagreement. Conflict can be defined by hostility and contempt, or it can be defined by kindness and respect. The choice is yours.

2. Use “I” statements: This means taking ownership of your feelings rather than blaming your husband. “I need some help because I’m getting overwhelmed with the kids’ schedule,” works better than, “You never help me with the kids and I’m sick and tired of it.”

3. Plan ahead: You can’t always anticipate when a fight is going to erupt, but if there’s an issue that’s brewing, write down your thoughts to compose yourself before you dive in.

4. Don’t argue historically: Stay in the moment. Laying out an annotated history of your spouse’s shortcomings simply fuels the fire.

5. Resist the urge to keep score. Scorekeeping assumes a winner and a loser. The point of fair fighting is to promote the relationship. There are no losers when the relationship is strengthened.

6. Take the high road: Tit-for-tat is a shortcut to escalation.  The high road is the first step toward reconciliation. Taking the high road recognizes that conflict represents an opportunity rather than an indictment. The high road says, “This disagreement helps me understand where I need to grow.

7. Be in top form: Remember not to have serious discussions after 9 p.m. If you’re in PMS, you might want to put off a pressing issue until later.

8. Change and acceptance.  The only person you can change is you.  Accept the differences between men and women.  Accept that your husband is different from you.

9. Child-free zone. Never use your children as leverage.  If you can’t fight “nice” don’t fight in front of your children.  If you do let them see you having a real blowout, apologize and tell them that you and Daddy are working on doing better.

10. Follow the rules. Think ahead about how you and your husband will fight.  Make a plan in advance so you have a better chance of keeping things calm when arguments do happen. 

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  • NeMar

    This is the most sexist and ridiculous thing I have ever read. I have read several posts and articles about this issue and none of the others are this sexist. Why should the woman always have to be the one to smooth over every problem, when undoubtedly, not every problem will be her fault? This advice is very unfair to women, and implies that the woman’s place is to submit, to ‘suck it up’ and put up with whatever the man feels like dishing out. It is sickening. I feel like I’ve gone back in time 75-100 years reading this:(