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10 Ways to Love Your Child

Because we love our children SO much, it’s easy to think that our love for them is best expressed in BIG gestures – a trip to an amusement park, an unexpected BIG gift, a HUGE birthday party. But if you want to know how to really love your child today – and every day – shift your thinking from the BIG to the small. {Tweet This}

The small things look like this: how way we wake our children in the morning, the attention we give them when they’re talking to us, the little choices we make throughout the day to put their needs first, even when we don’t feel like it.

So try these 10 ways to love your child today… little things that can make a HUGE difference in the life of your child.

How Can You Love Your Children Today?

  1. Leave the dishes in the sink and tuck them in bed.
  2. Turn your computer off and look at your children.
  3. Turn your phone off and listen to your children.
  4. Stop what you’re doing and go sit by your children.
  5. Walk across the room and hug your children.
  6. Kiss them at the door when they get home.
  7. Never leave an argument without saying, “I love you.”
  8. When they ask you to play with them, say, “Yes,” instead of “In a little while.”
  9. Try to understand them; see the world through their eyes.
  10. Don’t let a day go by without giving them a kind word.

What are the little things you do to show your children you love them?

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More Ways to Love Your Child:

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By: Susan Merrill

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  • Suzanne

    These are really good cautions. I’m a grandmother now, but when I was raising my three kids, I went even farther. I never made actual promises to my kids, which may sound extreme, but I always said, “If nothing comes up,….” or, “If at all possible,….” Now, I can honestly say that I never broke a promise to any of my kids. It’s like the admonition in the Bible that says, “Lord willing, we will go here, or we will go there,” because none of really knows what the day will bring.

  • Lance Marchetti

    My little life was littered with broken promises…I am trying now too keep the smallest promise I make to my Children….it’s so important. God knows how weak and tired we become as parents most days…but the sunshine breaks through the dark clouds eventually…