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10 Ways to Love Your Child

I have a family and I don’t appreciate them, even though they could be gone tomorrow from a car accident, an illness, or even suicide. So how did I love them today?

My co-worker’s niece died last week. This healthy, beautiful, 15-year-old was gone in five days. Her parents’ only daughter… gone. A child who brought joy to her two brothers… gone. A girl admired by her friends and classmates… gone. Her mother’s regret? She didn’t get to say a last good-bye and tell her daughter one more time how much she loved her and how much she meant to her before she fell into a coma and slipped away.

How can you love your children today? Let these 10 ways to love your child, before it’s too late.

How Can You Love Your Children Today?

  1. Leave the dishes in the sink and tuck them in bed.
  2. Turn your computer off and look at your children.
  3. Turn your phone off and listen to your children.
  4. Stop what you’re doing and go sit by your children.
  5. Walk across the room and hug your children.
  6. Kiss them at the door when they get home.
  7. Never leave an argument without saying “I love you.”
  8. When they ask you to play with them, say “yes,” instead of “in a little while.”
  9. Try to understand them; see the world through their eyes.
  10. Don’t let a day go by without giving them a kind word.

More Ways to Love Your Child:

Pillow Talk:
How do you know that I love you? How else can I show you that I love you?

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