11 Questions to Help You Cut the Clutter

Questions to Help You Cut the Clutter

Clutter is like the old friend who’s not really a good influence on you – you know you need to break your ties, but it’s so hard to let it go!  So use these 11 questions to help you determine if you can cut the clutter in your home.

General Clutter / Stuff Questions

1. If someone new walked into my house, would I be embarrassed about how much clutter / stuff I have?

2. Are the flat surfaces in my house covered with clutter /stuff ?

3. Do I need extra space, storage or organizing bins or systems to keep my stuff?

4. Are my closets, drawers, and cabinets overflowing with stuff?

Specific Clutter / Stuff Questions

1. When is the last time I used it?

2. Am I keeping it because it has sentimental value?

3. Do I have items that I’ve never used, worn, or opened?

4. How much do I spend to buy more stuff in a week, month, year?

5. Am I keeping things that need to be fixed, are broken, or are missing a part?

6. When will I know that I have enough of this item to stop buying the same thing?

7. How much joy does this item really bring me?

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