13 Gift Baskets or Stocking Ideas


stocking ideas

If you’re in the process of making a list and checking it twice but are stumped on a few gift ideas—we’ve assembled a list of suggestions for kids of every age, from the practical to the super-fun.

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or just time for a thank-you, gift baskets are fun to give.  And, if you get organized early, you can have them available as back up presents, just in case you’ve forgotten someone on your list.

For Christmas, use a stocking instead of a basket for a cute, holiday touch.

1. For the Athlete: balls (golf, tennis, etc.), socks, deodorant, sweatbands, energy bars, bottled water, a sports magazine.

2. Beauty Basket: fingernail polish, hair ornaments, bubble bath, lotion, manicure set, make up bag.

3. For the Camper: beef jerky or granola, bug repellant, first aid kit, pocketknife, flashlight, astronomy book.

4. Car Care Basket: sponge, glass cleaner, chamois cloth, car wax, travel mug, key chain, ice scraper

5. College Basket: mug and instant cocoa mix, candy bars, energy bars, chewing gum, highlighters, gift card

6. Craft-Lover’s Basket: items for the types of crafts the recipient enjoys, such as painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, embroidery.

7. Dog-Lover’s Basket: dog biscuits, rubber toy, collar, chew sticks, bandanna

8. Fisherman’s Basket: hooks, lures, jar of bait, flies, fishing line, needle nose pliers, fishing magazine

9. Kitchen Basket: spices, timer, measuring cups and spoons, cookbook.  (Instead of a basket use a colander, cake pan or pretty bowl or platter.  Line it with tea towels or cloth napkins.)

10. Newlyweds’ Basket: Handy items such as tools, picture hangers, twine, refrigerator magnets

11. Outdoor Lover’s Basket: sunscreen, compass, flashlight, bungee cords, snacks, waterproof matches, water bottle

12. Sewing Basket: needles, iron on patches, scissors, thread, thimble, tape measure, straight pins, sewing magazine

13. Shoe Care Basket: shoelaces, buffing brush, leather cleaner, water repellent, polish, shoe trees

by Kathy Peel