14 Funny Things Kids (Really) Said

Kids really can say some very funny things.  Which is good, because we moms can all use some laughs on our parenting journey!

A 10 year old said ” I don’t need a bath, can’t you just Febreeze me”.

Upon asking one of her preteen daughters to unload the dishwasher after dinner, the teenager asked her mom if there was anything “less strenuous” that she could do!

“Dad, you were born back when everything was invented”

A 4 year old asked,  “If Jesus walked on water could he do a hand stand too?”

“Daddy I know what sugar is, it is made from cookies”

“Daddy! I thought you gave up ice cream for Lent ! When we get home, I’m calling 911!”

“Daddy, if you help me clean the play room, I’ll let you sleep with me!”

A 7 year old boy said, “When you get old, you get lines and vines.”  When asked to explain he said, “Dad, you get lines on your face and vines on your legs.”

A 4 year old girl told her father, “You can’t be a man; you’re a dad!”

After getting in trouble for something a little boy said, “I’m only 5—I don’t know all the rules yet!”

A 4 year old with his first earache said, “Daddy, my ear has a cough in it!”

‎A 5 year old asked,  “Mom, are the little flowers on the tomato plant the cheerleaders for the tomatoes?”

On a long car ride back from vacation, a 10 year old boy told his 8 year old sister, “If you were Mrs. Potatohead, I would take your mouth right now.”

A little girl was studying her mother who had just had a baby a few weeks ago.  She told her mom, “I know where your belly went, it all went to the back.”


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