Health Tips

15 Minutes that Can Change Your Day

1 – 5 Minutes:

Pray. Before you do anything else, get some divine intervention going.  Yes, if you can make the time, pray longer and harder.  But in three minutes you can give thanks and pray for your family and yourself.  Have a piece of paper and a pencil handy.  Surprisingly, good ideas often pop up when you’re in prayer.

6 – 10 Minutes:

Plan. Knowing what we have ahead of us, and how we’re going to tackle it, can help us feel more in control of our life.  When we feel that way, we alleviate stress.  So spend 6 minutes prioritizing and strategizing your day.  (Don’t try to handle any of your to-do’s in these 6 minutes.  This time is just for planning.)

11 – 12 Minutes:

Focus. Take one minute to focus on your job as a mother.  Look at the 30 Day Mom Challenge and find today’s date.  Focus on that challenge today.

13 – 15 Minutes:

Breathe. Okay, you’ve prayed and you’ve planned.  For the next minute, breathe.  For relaxation:  breathe in through your nose for 4 counts.  Hold it for one count and exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.  Repeat this at least six times.


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