Kids (4-12)

15 Questions Adopted Children Ask

Adopted children are not all the same, but most will have questions that their adoptive parents must be ready to answer with love, patience, and reassurance.

1. Where was I born?

2. Did my birth mother see me or hold me?

3. Did I have a different name when I was born?

4. Did my birth parents love me?

5. Why did my birth parents put me up for adoption?

6. Did I have other family members in my birth family?

7. Where are my mother and father today?

8. Will I ever see my birth parents again?

9. Have my birth parents ever checked on me?

10. Do my birth parents regret putting me up for adoption?

11. Am I like my birth parents?

12. Would you love me more if I were your birth child?

13. Will you always love me?

14. Can I learn more about my birth country?

15. Will you show me pictures and tell me about my parents or where I was born?

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