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17 Questions to Ask Your Childcare Provider

Who’s parenting your child? The answer to the question seems obvious, right? Isn’t it you? But if we’re honest, there are lots of ways that other people and things assume the role of parenting our kids.

Most of us have a vision of who the perfect daycare provider would be.  But, when it comes time to make that important decision, it’s easy to make it based on feeling or the vibe we get from someone.

Instead of doing that, be sure to ask your prospective provider, even if it’s a friend, the 17 questions below.

1. What is the adult to child ratio?

2. Do you do background checks on your employees?  Are those reports available for review?

3. What are the policies for the staff regarding being alone with the children?

4. Are you licensed?

5. Are you insured?

6. What type of first aid training do you and your staff have?

7. What is the daily schedule?

8. What activities do the children participate in daily?

9. What are the educational activities?

10. Are snacks provided?  If so, what are the children given?

11. How much time do the children spend watching TV, movies, or at the computer?

12. What kind of discipline do you use?

13. Do you or your caregivers smoke?

14. What is your “sick child” policy?

15. What are your operating hours?

16. What are your fees for late pick-up?

17. What are your overall fees and payment requirements?

What questions do you suggest moms ask their childcare provider?  Leave your comments below.

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