20 Ideas for Creating a Family-Centered Life

Do you have a family-centered life? Review the list below and add your own thoughts in our Comments section. (Don’t worry if the list seems overwhelming, just do the best you can. Strive for progress, not perfection.)

  1. Mom and Dad have a consistent date night alone at least once a month
  2. Mom and Dad have scheduled one-on-one time with each child at least once a month
  3. Entire family gathers for dinner at least 3 times a week
  4. If at work and children are home, Mom and Dad text, e-mail or call children at least once a day
  5. A monthly family home video night (here are some fun family movies)
  6. A monthly family board game night
  7. Saturday chores are done with the kids helping
  8. At least once every three months, Mom and Dad eats lunch at school with kids (if allowed), or lead an All Pro Dad Chapter Breakfast at their children’s school.
  9. Mom or Dad prays with each of their children before they go to bed each night
  10. Weekly church attendance
  11. Three TV shows per week (max) are watched by the entire family (with commercials muted)
  12. Mom’s and Dad’s jobs do not keep them working a lot of late nights or weekends
  13. Entire family has at least one week of vacation time together per year
  14. Mom and Dad try some Marriage Conversation Starters once a month
  15. Family attempts camping at least once a year
  16. Dad attends or coordinates a Daddy/Daughter Dance
  17. Mom and Dad personally know all of their children’s teachers and are involved in the PTA
  18. Dad’s time with his buddies more often than not includes everyone’s kids
  19. More family activities are planned outdoors than indoors
  20. Mom and Dad honor their own parents.