25 Things Teens Can Do on Their Own

teens can do

The 25 things teens can do on their own is just a starting point.  Just remember that the  teenage years are the prime time for teaching our children to become more independent.  But for them to be that way, we have to let them.  (If your children are younger, here are 4 Things Kids Can Do on Their Own.)

  1. Make hair appointments.
  2. Make doctor appointments.
  3. Make breakfast.
  4. Make dinner.
  5. Drive a stick shift car.
  6. Drive on a road trip.
  7. Put gas in the car.
  8. Pay for gas.
  9. Get a car serviced.
  10. Pack for a trip.
  11. Use public transportation.
  12. Shop for school project supplies.
  13. Talk to teachers about grades.
  14. Keep up with school work.
  15. Do laundry.
  16. Return or exchange clothes.
  17. File for a rebate.
  18. Assemble furniture.
  19. Sew on a button.
  20. Spot clean a stain.
  21. Look for a job.
  22. Hold down a job.
  23. Set up a bank account.
  24. Make bank deposits.
  25. Tip at restaurants.