3 Bedtime No No’s for Moms

bedtime routine

It’s the end of a long day. All you want to do is get your kids to bed quick and watch your favorite show, talk to your husband, or just have some alone time. You have been running all day taking care of everyone and you’re just done. They are finally down and as you are headed to the living room you hear, “Mooooooom!” and you want to scream.

We get it. Bedtime can be hard on moms. We’re tired, and our patience has just about run out. But bedtime is such an important time for children, and it’s such a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child. Your bedtime routine can be a really sweet moment of the day, even with the rituals and needs of our children. The key is realizing that even though you’re tired, mustering just a little more patience will help you keep bedtime peaceful and loving. And be sure to avoid these 3 Bedtime No No’s for Moms

1. Never discipline at bedtime.

Yes, you can correct and guide, but this is not the time to get into heavy discipline. Remember, your children are tired too and their behavior reserve is running low. Even if they’re fighting you at bedtime, don’t lose your temper. The goal is to send them off to sleep peacefully.

2. Never leave without showing love.

When you feel too tired to spend an extra 30 seconds hugging your child or tucking them in, you’re tired! But find a last bit of energy to spend the last moments with your child in loving routines.

3. Never let your grouchiness show. 

This can require a major dose of effort on your part. It can be very easy to let your annoyance show when your child asks for another glass of water or realizes that she forgot to brush her teeth. Just take a deep breath and remember that you’re trying to send your child off to dreamland in a calm, peaceful mood.

What is your favorite bedtime ritual?