3 Challenges for the Geeky Child

Being a geek can be a good thing.  It only becomes a bad thing if your child is miserable or feels like an outcast.  Everyone needs friends and every child wants to feel accepted.  So help your less popular child to still find joy in life by helping him with these four challenges.

1. They can feel like social outcasts.

So your child is not part of the popular crowd.  That doesn’t mean that she needs to stick out like a sore thumb in out of date clothes or a hairstyle that screams “Geek!”  Help your child fit into the overall world of adolescence by building her confidence.  Also help her find like-minded friends, if not at school, then at outside activities or at church.

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2. They can feel like you’re not proud of them.

Our children want us to be proud of them.  Zero in on what makes your child unique and let him know how special and wonderful you think he is.  Never compare them to more popular siblings or friends.

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3. They can feel like they don’t have value.

If your child is not “in” at school, they may spend their entire day feeling invisible, or worse, put down.  Give your child a vision for their future.  Talk about the wonderful life that lies ahead in college and beyond.  And, help them feel a sense of self-value in the here and now.  Encourage them to learn something new or pursue a hobby or interest.

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