3 Reasons Why You Want Your House to Be the Hangout House

1. You know where your child is and who he is with. Sometimes when children are at other houses, your rules and guidelines aren’t always followed. Plus, you will be able to provide your child with a safe environment that you are able to supervise. Studies show that “hands-on” parents who are actively involved in their children’s lives are better able to help their children stay away from high-risk behaviors, such as using drugs and alcohol.

2. You will get a unique look at how your child interacts with his peers. Sometimes the child you see at home and the child who is at school are two different people. Getting to see your child with his peers will allow you another glimpse into his life. You also might learn a few new things about his likes, dislikes and what’s going on at school.

3. You are building a relationship with your child that says you care about him and his friends.Your child will remember that you made the effort to meet his need for friendships and that you were available for him. Plus, your child will grow up with those memories associated with home.

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