3 Things That Hold Moms Back

negative attitued

My son is very athletic. He normally does well in sports, but I remember one game he just didn’t look like himself. In the first half of a tight soccer game, he couldn’t keep up with the players from the other team. I thought to myself that the other team must be really fast because he was usually as fast as anyone. At halftime, he came over to where I was sitting and he had a real negative attitude. I was about to encourage him to keep playing hard when he told me his foot hurt. We took his cleats off and found a sand spur. It had been digging into him the whole first half, keeping him from running full speed. During the second half, it was so good to see him back to his normal self.

In the same way, there are things that act like sand spurs holding us back from living the best life available. Learning how to deal with them effectively is the difference between living a full life and living halfheartedly. Here are 3 things that hold moms back.

1. Discouragement

Discouragement can be a regular visitor in a mom’s life. We try so hard to do things right that we can feel pretty low when things don’t go as we hoped. But if we allow ourselves to stay discouraged, it will sap us of our ability to mother the way we want. Remember, you are the perfect mom for your kids. They need you as their mom. You are going to make mistakes and fail along the way, but the love you have for your children is what makes you the best mom for the job.

2. Discontentment

Being discontent can eat away at your ability to see the good things in your life. You become focused on all of the things you don’t have which ends up affecting your health, your relationships, and diminish your hope in the future. So counter it, first, with thankfulness. It sounds easy, but try to notice the good things in your life. Next, consider which of the 4 common causes of mom discontentment you might have and face it head-on.

3. Disillusionment

At the bottom of most disillusionment lies the instigator of expectations. A friend of mine always expected her family vacations to be the greatest. Then when the vacation didn’t go exactly how she wanted she would get upset at everyone. Her expectations and resulting disillusionment put pressure on the rest of her family. Are your expectations realistic? Are they fair? So before you feel defeated by disillusionment, check to see if your expectations are out of whack.


Tell us! What do you think holds you back?