3 Things the Oscars Can Teach Your Kids

The Oscars are this weekend and all eyes will be on who is wearing what.  Eventually, the public will get to chime in on who looked best and who wore it best.  But beyond the dresses and jewels, the Oscars can help launch some important conversations with our kids.  They can actually get us to zero in on 3 thing the oscars to teach our children.

1. Modesty Matters

Whew!  There are some really risqué dresses worn at the Academy Awards.  So somewhere along the way the actresses went from little girls in little girl clothes, to grown women in too little clothes.

2. Ugly Ducks Can Become Swans

If you’ve listened to many of the speeches at the Oscars, you’ll hear the common theme of the outsider kid who eventually made it.  So remember that your struggling child is a work in progress.  Encourage her to reach for her dreams.

3. Love Can Last

Who will be with whom at the Oscars?  You never know.  Some Hollywood relationships, and even marriages, last about as long as it takes to shoot a film.  So, be sure your kids aren’t buying into the myth that marriage is about going from person to person to “find your happiness.”

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  • Jennifer Pabst

    What a great reminder. Sometimes life gets so busy that I don’t take the time needed to appreciate the fleeting time I have with my kids. I feel very strongly about being completely honest with my kids. If they are going to trust me I don’t want to give them any stumbling blocks in that area. I want them to always know they have a safe place with unconditional love in any time of need.

    • iMOM

      You sound like a great mom, Jennifer. :-)