3 Things to Say to Your Kids Every Morning

things to say to your kids every morning

Every day, the morning hustle is the same. Most of our mornings are a mad rush to get the kids in the car to get them to school on time. Hopefully—hopefully—by the time we are in the car, my son has remembered his backpack and my daughter has matching shoes on her feet. But by the time we are actually driving away from our house, a quiet usually settles in.

I remember the nerves I used to feel on the drive to school when I was a kid, and I know my kids feel it, too. Whether there’s a test, tension with a teacher, or just a reluctance to go, your words can make the moment better. Here are 3 things to say to your kids every morning that will shift their hearts from mad rush to peace before they hop out of the car.

What are you looking forward to today?

“Ugh! Why do we have to go to school so early?” my son asks just about every morning. He is mostly just tired and cranky, but the complaining mindset isn’t going to help his day at all. So I ask my kids, “What are you looking forward to?” It helps them remember that the day ahead holds opportunities for great things to happen.

“Nothing,” is often the first answer I get to this question. But after hearing everyone else’s ideas, my son will usually give me at least one good thing he is looking forward to. Not all kids are crazy about school, but even thinking about PE or lunchtime can remind our kids that each day still holds a blessing.

How can I pray for you today?pray for your child at school

This is one of the best things to say to your kids every morning! At the beginning of last year, I put a small polaroid picture of all my kids on my car’s dashboard to help me remember to pray for them throughout the day. I decided to take it a step further and actually began asking if they had any specific prayer requests.

I want my kids to know I care about what they’re stressing about. Whether they have a test or trouble with a friend, I am able to bring those things to God for them. If they don’t have any requests, our free printable 10 Ways to Pray for Your Child at School will give you plenty of ideas.

Always say goodbye with a blessing.

My mom used to say a simple prayer of blessing over me when I was in school and it stuck! Often, I turned my mom’s prayer into my own. Now, as I pull up to the front of the school with my own kids, I always send them off with a blessing over their day. For me, the words are always the same: “Be blessed. May you be who God created you to be.”

Saying the same thing might get old, but stick with it! I guarantee those words will ring in their minds throughout the day and will potentially become their own prayers.

What important words would you add to the list of things to say to your kids every morning? Share with us!