3 Things that Truly Matter

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re faced with infinite options and opportunities. So how do you know which things to focus on? It becomes a matter of personal values and priorities; you must decide which things matter most. We’ve identified three “biggies” that resonate with us here at iMOM.

1. Our Spiritual Life.  A relationship with God gives meaning to the meaningless, makes the joys of life sweeter, and the trials of life bearable. People who invest in their spiritual lives are even healthier, according to independent research. Prayer and communion with God is the ultimate way to relieve stress and gain clarity on the big questions we all face from time to time such as the meaning of life, death and love.

2. Relationships. You can have a wonderful career, a beautiful home and a bank account that overflows, but if there’s no one to share it with, it’s pretty hollow. So when you’re faced with a choice between building stronger relationships—with your spouse, with your children, even with friends—and building other things, choose the people. And remember: the time you have to engage in a daily relationship with your children is fleeting, and there are no do-overs.

3. Good Health. Taking care of the body you depend on each day just makes sense. Families who have faced a major health crisis like injury or disease will tell you that physical well-being is something we take for granted—until we lose it. While there are some things we can’t prevent, regular exercise and healthy eating (along with kicking bad habits like smoking) can increase the chances that we’ll be able to share life and make memories with the ones we love for a long time. 

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