3 Ways to Make Your Family a Team

team concept

In our family, the concept of being a team has a very concrete example in the game of football. My husband, Tony, was an NFL coach, and our son, Eric, played college football. So we all understand what a team concept means. Making your family a “team” has wonderful benefits for young children. It can teach them selflessness, cooperation, and develop a strong family bond.

So here are 3 ways to make your family a team.

1. There’s no “I” in team

Teamwork requires selflessness. Children who know that they are part of a bigger whole are more willing to let go of their own wants and wishes when it’s for the good of the “team.” This can come into play when deciding on what movie to watch as a family, or when sharing that last piece of cake at dinner.

2. Team teaches cooperation

When a family has a team mindset, kids realize that as the team goes, so they go. For example, we can’t go swimming if we don’t get the house straightened. So, if one child is having a hard time picking up his room, the other chips in. He cooperates because he knows this will help the team move on to the prize.

3. Team victories develop closeness

Individual successes are celebrated, but so is family success. Did everyone get dressed in time for school? Yay, team! Did we do a good deed as a family by helping someone in need? Good work, team! Helping your children feel a part of a bigger whole brings them closer to you and their siblings.

Tell us! Is your family a team? What is one thing you can work on to become one?