4 Opportunities to Cut Your Husband Slack

Cut some slack in marriage


My husband was super argumentative the other night.  He was finding fault in everything from the laundry, to the batteries in the air conditioner thermostat!  Fortunately, I knew what was behind his nitpicking—he was waiting for a big deal to go through at work, and until it did, he would be under a lot of pressure.  So I cut him some slack and didn’t bite back.

We never want to let ourselves be walked all over in our marriage, but sometimes we have to show our husbands a little extra mercy. Here are 4 Opportunities to Cut Your Husband Some Slack.

1. When he’s physically tired.  What does a baby do when he’s tired?  He whines and cries.  What do grown-ups do?  Well, they do the adult version of whining and crying!  So when you see that your husband is just plain worn out, go easy on him.  Know that it’s not him talking or being cranky, it’s the physical exhaustion speaking.

2. When he’s stressed from work.   There’s no stress like work stress.  You’re trying to do a good job, you’re trying to get along with your co-workers, and you’re trying to keep your boss happy.  Even if your husband is the boss, he still has his own set of work pressures.  If he’s had a bad day at work, keep that in mind before you jump on him for not doing or saying what you want him to.

3. When he’s worried about money.  You might be totally ticked off at your husband for not doing x, y, or z.  But if you know he’s stressed out about that big bill that’s due, or if he just got bad news about your taxes, or a credit card account he thought was paid off, cut him some slack by not bringing up your issue right then.

4. When he’s feeling low in general.  Even men go through times when they just don’t feel good about themself.  Maybe he noticed that bald spot is getting bigger, maybe he’s realizing he’s not the athletic stud he was in college, or maybe he’s just feeling a little blah.  If this is where he is, try not to compound his troubles by getting onto him or criticizing him about something else.

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