4 Things You Need to Fall Back Into

fall back

Here are 4 things you can fall back into this season with your family.

1.  Flashlight Moments.

Kids love flashlights—it’s as simple as that.  So buy a couple of inexpensive ones and go on evening walks.  You can also let the kids use their flashlights for under the covers reading, which leads us to our next suggestion…

2.  Cover Time.

Cover, as in book covers.  Give them some hot tea or hot chocolate and let them burrow into a book.  Fall is also a great time for cuddling up with your kids for bedtime reading.  Even if your children can read on their own, kids as old as third or fourth grade will enjoy having you read to them.  Here are some fall-themed titles for younger children:  I Know It’s Autumn; In November; ‘Twas the NIght Before Thanksgiving; and Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

You can also create a reading nook for your kids with a comfortable place to sit and blankets draped overhead to give it a secluded feel.  If you start reading a book series to your children, like C. S. Lewis’ Narnia books, invite your children to a special event at the reading corner, “Tonight in the reading corner we will discover what dangers are ahead for Aslan.  Meet at the reading corner at 7 p.m. and bring ______________.”  List an item from the book in the space. Serve a treat and get everyone cozy for the big read!

3. Traditions.

Start some fall traditions for your children.  Have each member of your family cut out and decorate a construction paper leaf.  Bake pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins.  If you live in an area where the leaves change color, go on an annual Fall Color Family Drive and admire the scenery.  Of course, top off the drive with a cup of hot chocolate!

4. Eating Together.

Mealtime “Remember When?” Game

While eating, get out a stack of old photos and put them face down and draw one (playing card style) and explain what was happening when the picture was taken.  If you can’t remember, you have to make something up.  Take turns taking a picture from the stack and going around the table… “Remember when….”

The kids will likely be hungry at 5 (since it’s the “old” 6 o’clock), so take advantage of their earlier hunger and gather round the table as a family.  If you or your husband don’t get home until later, give the kids a snack to hold them over until you do get in and get dinner on the table. Comfort Foods   When the sun goes down, the cozy factor goes up.

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