4 Ways to Find Your Family’s Passion

Do you have an activity that your whole family enjoys together? If not, it’s time to discover one. A common interest or leisure activity can create a bond between you and your kids, and be a source of precious memories for years. No idea where to start?

What’s the thing that you all get fired up about and share an enthusiasm for? It could be exploring the outdoors, a passion for music or the arts, or following a favorite sports team in a way that puts the “fanatic” back in “fan.” Whatever it is, that common bond can serve as the glue to your relationship for a lifetime.

Here are 4 ways to discover your family’s passion:

  1. Look at your natural interests. For a family of sports-nut kids, family fun might be tailgating before the big game or hanging out at the baseball tournament on Saturday. While there are exceptions to the rule, what your children are involved in will probably require a significant commitment of family time—you might as well get the whole gang involved and make the most of it!
  2. Look at your natural talents. Lots of adults look back on their childhoods and treasure memories of time spent learning a skill from their parent.  You may have skills that your kids would have a blast learning. Whether it’s fly fishing or playing a musical instrument that you’re good at, passing along that knowledge is time well spent.
  3. Think long term. Some activities (like playing football) are, for most people, left behind in childhood. However, watching football is something that can be enjoyed at any age. Certain outdoor activities like hiking, tennis and camping appeal to all ages, as well. Build a family legacy around something that doesn’t have an expiration date.
  4. Make it about togetherness, not achievement.  Some of the best family times are built around experiences that don’t have a measurable outcome. The hiking trip isn’t measured in total miles covered; it’s measured in marshmallows burned. Be loose with your expectations to keep the pressure low.

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