4 Ways to Avoid a Misspent Life


Have you heard the saying, a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life? Well, one look at my house and you’ll know that’s one thing I am not guilty of! I am not a good housekeeper by nature, and also by intent. Many days, I’ll leave the laundry unfolded and hang out with my kids instead. Because as long as everyone in the family has clean underwear, what else do they really need?

I do understand that finding balance between taking care of life’s duties and spending time with our children is important, but when in doubt, choose the kids over the duties. Here are 4 ways to avoid a misspent life.

1. Choose the kids daily.

What we do daily makes up the fabric of our family life. If you’ve gone too long without couch time with your children, a family meal, or play time with your kids, stop what you’re doing and seek them out. You don’t have to plan something big every day; just put aside your chores (or your screen) at least a portion of every 24 hours to focus on your children.

2. Choose the house when clutter takes over.

If things have reached the point where clutter is making you and your family feel claustrophobic, tackle it. Better yet, use the “little by little each day” method. Get your kids to help. Set a timer for 30 minutes, assign areas for each child, and have at it. When you’re finished, celebrate.

3. Choose the kids when they’re in need.

Does this sound familiar: On the very day you’ve planned to clean your house and catch up, one of your children needs your full attention, even more than usual. Instead of getting irritated at the interruption, take a deep breath and regroup. Give your child the time and care he needs and whittle down your cleaning list to only the most important must-dos.

4. Choose the house if your husband is going crazy.

In my marriage, I am the messy one and my husband is the neat one. Disorder drives him to distraction and clutter makes him cranky. He cuts me slack, most of the time, but I try to speak his unofficial love language — a clean house — when he’s reached his limit. I’ve also explained to him that our home will never be show-house ready, but our kids will sure feel loved.

How do you balance kid-time and cleaning-time?