41 Teen Slang Words You Should Know

teen slang

Remember Rosetta Stone, that software that teaches you a new language? It was super popular in the ’90s and I think you can still buy it in the airport. Want to speak to your international coworkers in France? Oui, oui! Need to become fluent in Spanish in one month? Si! Learn teen slang today! Wait, what?  

OK, teen slang isn’t a Rosetta Stone course, but how well do you speak it? Some of it’s harmless, but some of these words and phrases are teens’ attempts at keeping secrets. So check out this list and see how many you know.

Before we get started, I want to warn you. Don’t try to use teen slang with your kids. Just don’t. You will probably get a blank stare or an eye roll. It’s best just to stay in your lane. Besides, keeping up with the “kids these days” is nearly impossible. But if you know more teen slang than these 41, we’re impressed. Flex in the comments (See what I did there? Like I said, stay in your lane, Mom.).


To say you agree; for sure, yep

“I’ll pick you up for Thea’s party at 9?”


Big Mad

Really triggered or upset

“My ex just started following that girl on Instagram. I’m big mad.”

Big Yikes

Yikes, kicked up a notch

“Big yikes! Did you see the photo Carly just posted on Instagram?”


To delete someone or something out of your life

“I canceled that guy from Snapchat. He gave me creeper vibes.”

Clap Back

Same as “comeback” but edgier; responding to an insult with extra sass, attitude, or shade

“She clapped back at the haters who said she photoshopped her picture.”


Describing a nice outfit or item of clothing

“My outfit is dripping right now.”


Too much or over the top

“Chloe won’t forgive Jeremy even though he’s apologized like three times. She is being so extra.”


Another version of the f-bomb; generally used as an insult


To steal, snatch, or take

“Dude. Why you tryin’ to finess my Doritos?”


Fake + Instagram; a second secret Instagram account

Usually, it’s someone’s account only open to a smaller circle of friends. It also can be used to stalk someone else’s account undercover.

“You look so funny in this pic from the party last night. You have to put it on your finsta.”


To show off

“Reed is trying to flex all over her finsta today since she made the soccer team.”

Glow Up

Upgrade your appearance

“Wow. Alison did a major glow up over the summer. She looks hot.”

Go Off

To go on a rant or to encourage somebody with whom you agree to go on a rant

“Yas, Susan! Go off!”


Opposite of lowkey; a way to describe something you really want to emphasize

“I highkey can’t wait for spring break! It’s gonna be awesome.”

Hits Different

To experience something that conveys a different emotion or feeling than when previously experienced

“Ever since my parents got a divorce, this song hits different.”

Hop Off

Leave it alone; let it go

Girl 1: “I know Jared hasn’t texted in a week, but I think he still wants to hang out. I’ll give him another couple days.”

Girl 2: “Seriously. Hop off. He’s not interested.”

I’m Dead/Ded

Basically saying they’re laughing so hard they’re dying; also acceptable just to use “dead”

You send a funny meme; she replies, “ded.”


An entitled parent

If your teens refer to you as Karen, that means they think you’re being high maintenance or uppity.

“Stop asking to speak to the manager, Karen!”


Another way of describing someone’s “look;” signature physical trait, something that makes him or her unique

“Arleen wears a messy bun every day. I’d get tired of it, but that’s her lewk.”


Something you don’t want to emphasize too much

“I lowkey don’t want to go out with Patrick anymore, but I’m not going to tell him ’til after Valentine’s Day.”

No Cap

“For real” or “no lie” 

Girl 1: “Brian does NOT like me.”

Girl 2: “Yeah, he does. No cap.”

Out of Pocket

To say or take something too far

Guy 1: “Your mom is super hot. I’m going to ask her to prom.”

Guy 2: “C’mon man. That was out of pocket.”


When you’re upset over something minor

“Why you so salty over not getting any time in today’s game? Coach will put you in next week.”


Style, confidence, and attraction, usually in someone who is well-dressed and has swagger

“Gah. There’s something about Justin Timberlake. He’s got sauce.”

Not to be confused with: 


Drunk, plastered, hammered, wasted

“I was so sauced last night. I couldn’t stand up.”


Emotionally shaken or affected by something

“I got so shook when she actually texted me back.”


Simulates smashing a keyboard in a sort of “OMG” moment (Usually associated with VSCO girls)

“Sksksksk! Kevin just tweeted me!”


When someone looks amazing or did well at something

“Did you see Hayley at Homecoming? Girl slayed in that red dress.”


To have casual sex

“Wanna smash?”

Smoke/The Smoke

A conflict or controversy

“I’d tell you what Vicki said about you, but you can’t handle the smoke.”


Fashionable, on point, looking sharp

“I love your earrings, Jen! They’re snatched.”

Spill the Tea

Another way of saying tell me more, give me the news/gossip, fill me in

“Spill the tea! How did he ask you out?”


A hardcore fan of someone

The term comes from the song “Stan” by Eminem.

Can be used as a verb: “I stan Drake.”

Or a noun: “She just spent $300 on Ariana Grande tickets. What a stan.”

Straight Fire

Top notch

“That new album by Lizzo is straight fire. Every track is good.”


Short for “suspect” or “suspicious”

Boy 1: “Tommy turned in the same essay topic as I did.”

Boy 2: “Bro, he sits right behind you. That’s sus.”


Describing someone who is deliberately fishing for compliments or attention, or someone who wants to have sex

“Did you see Nicole’s Instagram pic from the beach? She’s so thirsty.”


Stands for “that ho over there;” often what guys call girls who text nude photos of themselves or have a reputation for being promiscuous

Guy 1: “Check out those girls at that table over there.”

Guy 2: “Naw man, they’re Thots bro.

Throw Shade

To insult someone in a low key way that no one would catch except the person it was directed toward

Guy 1: “It must’ve been nice to not have to worry about getting dressed to go out on Friday night.”

Guy 2: “Why you gotta throw shade?”


A blending of the words “true” and “real;” describes someone/something who is considered to be well respected

“It’s so trill.”


Blown away, shook; A shorter version of “wig snatched”

It’s as if you’re so blown away by something that your wig literally falls off.

“I got a new car for my birthday.”

“No way. OMG. WIG!”

You’ll have that on them big jobs.

A nice way of saying “sorry that just happened” 

Guy 1: “Man, Megan just broke up with me.”

Guy 2: “You’ll have that on them big jobs.”

It’s important to keep up so we know if our kids are into something dangerous, but now you have to promise me you won’t try to use teen slang. Come on, say it! “I promise!” Tell us some your kids are saying.