5 Common Time Thieves for Moms

Common Time Thieves for Moms

They are sneaky and lurk around every corner: time thieves. Things that steal precious minutes, often with little value. Stamp out these offenders and you’ll be on the road to better time management!

1. Social Media. We love it. We hate it. But either way, many of us are spending an hour or two a day cruising through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest looking at a mind-numbing amount of information, much of it useless. If you don’t want to give it up altogether, set some boundaries to keep your social media time in check. Set a timer when you log on, and log out when your time is up. If you work in front of a screen all day, turn off the email notifications that constantly beckon you back. Don’t forget to turn them off on your smartphone, too.

2. TV. It’s fine to look at the listings, choose a show you love, and sit down to enjoy it for an hour. But the endless channel surfing that our evenings and weekends turn into sometimes is bad. Before you know it, you’ve invested four hours in a reality show marathon and you don’t know why. Ditto for the kids. Choose a show, watch it, and then move on to the next thing.

3. Email. If you check your email repeatedly throughout the day, it breaks the momentum of other things you need to be focused on. Choose 2-3 times per day to check the inbox and respond to the important items. Also, spend a couple of minutes each week unsubscribing from a few of the commercial emails you receive. They clog up your inbox and even clicking through to delete them takes time.

4. A Disorganized Home. The 15 minutes you spend looking for a child’s shoes, and the water bill, then that kitchen gadget—it adds up. Getting organized may seem overwhelming, but by taking it one room at a time, you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish! Not only will you regain precious time throughout your day, you’ll lower your stress level on busy mornings and other times when efficiency matters.

5. Random Errands and Unplanned Shopping. If your day is peppered with a quick errand here and stopping to “just look a bit” in your favorite shopping spots, you’re burning daylight—and probably dollars. Set aside one morning or afternoon each week for most of your errands, and make lists of what you really need on your shopping stops. You’ll accomplish more in less time and save money, too. 


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