5 Easy Entertaining Ideas

1. Progressive Dinner

Share the workload and the stress. Start at one house for appetizers. Move to another house for the main dish, and finish up at someone else’s for dessert.

2. Neighborhood Breakfast

Get to know your neighbors or invite friends for a drop-by breakfast. Serve prepared breakfast foods like bagels, Danish pastries, and fruit.

3. Game Night

Gather some friends for a weekly bunko game, cards or Pictionary™. Have everyone bring a snack food.

4. Home Birthday Parties

Have your children’s birthday parties at your house. Keep the food simple and fun or go with a theme.

5. End of the School Year Get Together

Have this party the day after school lets out. You can invite your children’s friends and their parents over to celebrate the end of the school year. Have them stop by for breakfast or lunch.

What would you add to this list?