5 No-Fuss Shortcuts to Looking Great

We all want to look good, and some women find that they’re even more confident and optimistic when they look their best. But for busy moms (is there any other kind?) it’s even better if you can find some easy ways to be polished without spending lots of time or money.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Skip the shampoo. Most hairstylists will tell you that your hair is actually healthier if you shampoo less often. If you’re one of those women who spends 30-45 minutes every single morning shampooing, drying and styling your hair from scratch, try skipping a day occasionally. If you’re a little oily, try spritzing your hair with one of the aerosol dry shampoos. They contain fine powders that absorb excess oil and keep your hair looking fresh through another round of styling.
  2. Tailored basics. Many of the best-dressed women in the world swear by a small number of well-chosen pieces that are versatile and timeless. Try a great-fitting pair of black pants or jeans, and crisply tailored white shirt, or a well-cut blazer in your wardrobe. You’ll also find a friend in many of the drapey jersey separates available today. A black jersey maxi skirt is flattering and comfy, and can pair with almost any top or cozy sweater. By keeping two or three go-to outfits that are easy and look great on hand, you can look great without a lot of stress or effort.
  3. Accessorize. Afraid you’ll look boring or repetitive using your plain-jane basics all the time? Not so! For very little cash, you can pick up great costume jewelry, awesome scarfs that add a punch of color, or other accessories that can re-invent those same outfits a thousand times. We love retailers like Target for reasonably-priced accessories that keep you looking fresh without breaking the bank.
  4. Edit. If you find that you get lost and frustrated in your closet, it’s probably because it’s cluttered with things that don’t work, don’t fit, and don’t flatter. Edit your wardrobe down to those things that are the go-to items and you’ll find that getting dressed is less confusing and time-consuming. When you can actually see the best pieces you own, you’ll get more use out of them and will look good in less time. Take a lesson from the fashion flops that you toss: not every trend is for every woman, and we waste lots of money on things that won’t make us look our personal best. Figure out what your “formula” is (styles that show off your small waist, or styles that are more forgiving through the thigh) and stick to it when you shop.
  5. Streamline your face. If every trip out of the house requires a half-hour of cosmetic application, it’s time to figure out some shortcuts. If you’re not sure which steps to skip without looking too undone, stop by the cosmetics counter at your favorite department store for a little advice (warning: their job is to sell products, so don’t over-spend) from a make-up artist. She can likely show you how to edit the three colors of shadow down to one, or use a combination product to add color to both cheeks and lips. Consider skipping the liner and using mascara only for a softer, more casual-looking eye some days. Odds are, you can look just as good and get twenty minutes of your life back in the process!

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