5 Habits of Successful Single Moms

how to be a successful single mother

Raise your hand if you were raised by a single mom! More than 25 percent of people can raise that hand. Successful people like Barak Obama, Halle Barry, Barbra Streisand, and Olympic champion Michael Phelps all were raised by single mothers.

Successful single moms come from many different backgrounds. Economic level, educational background, or social status don’t determine a person’s success when raising children who positively influence the world around them. How to be a successful single mother is so much simpler than you might think—anyone can do it. Here are 5 things happy and successful single moms do. How many are true for your life?

Throw away societal ideals and embrace your life!

Having a white picket fence and a golden retriever in front of the fireplace is not what makes a happy family or what develops flourishing children. Children respond to love, joy, and connectedness with their family members. Yes, there’s pain when Dad is absent, but your kids can still thrive if they feel seen, understood, and supported. Build on what is already great about your family.

Take time for yourself!

A mom who stays refreshed but may have a little messier house or who accomplishes less is better than a stressed-out mom who keeps all the plates spinning perfectly. When you take care of yourself well, you will have so much more to give to those around you. You’ll have more energy, more creative solutions, and will be able to get more done. Striving saps energy and performance.

Stand firm and don’t be manipulated!

Whether it comes from an ex-husband, a family member, or your children, manipulation is used to control you. Some people use guilt, subtle accusations of inadequacy, or playing on your heartstrings to get from you what they want. If someone is being coercive and it feels yucky, it’s a good sign that they are using manipulation. Successful single moms stand up for themselves and believe in themselves. They don’t tolerate manipulation from others.

Believe in yourself!

How to be a successful single mother starts with believing you have what it takes to raise successful and well-adjusted children. Your instincts for what is right and good to do in a situation are usually the best. Trust that you are enough and that you are an asset to your family. Growing and learning from outside sources is always a good idea. We all have room for growth. But being confident in yourself where you are helps build confidence in your children as well.

Take off your glasses of comparison!

Susie Social Media seems to have it all together. She’s a perfect size 2 and her kids are the best at sports and academics. Jenny Gym Rat works out every day and is training for a half marathon. And Carol CEO runs her own company and lives in that giant house on the hill. And each of them is struggling with comparison, same as you. No one in the history of the world has achieved perfection. When you compare yourself to others, you sacrifice what’s amazing about yourself. Celebrate who you are. Chances are good that someone out there wishes she were you.

What habits have you observed in successful single moms?