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5 Life Lessons from Duck Dynasty

We admit it. We’re fascinated with the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty, too! We love to tune in and chuckle with the Robertson clan as they live and work together in Louisiana. But what is it that makes this bearded family so intriguing? Here are 5 life lessons that we can learn from the show:

1. Appearances can be deceiving. For many of us in suburbia (or yuppie-land, as Phil would call it), our first thought upon meeting a long-bearded fella in camo wouldn’t be, “I bet he’s the owner of a multi-million dollar business and has the top-rated show on cable.” Yet that’s exactly the story with Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. They’ve taught us that there’s more to a man than meets the eye.

2. The family that prays together… It seems that the Robertsons do just about everything together: work, play, eat, and pray! While your family may not run a business together and have the opportunity for constant bonding, there are a couple of Duck Dynasty routines we can all emulate—the family table and family prayer. Make gathering around dinnertime a priority, and sharing your faith with one another, young and old.

3. Old-fashioned is still awesome. Phil and Kay Robertson, the leaders of the family, have very old-school roles in the home and family. Phil is a man’s man who likes to kill things, and Kay is a great homemaker who loves to cook for her husband and teach the younger girls in the family how to do the same. Modern America might call it sexist, but can any of us argue with how well it’s worked for them? It might not be for everybody, but we can all learn from the way they live for, and serve, each other. After all, according to Phil, “What Miss Kay wants, Miss Kay gets.”

4. Everyone has that kooky uncle. We can’t get enough of hilarious Uncle Si. The gray-bearded Vietnam vet with the snappy one-liners keeps us in stitches, and keeps his vintage Tupperware cup full of sweet tea. Odds are, you’ve got a couple of characters in your family, too. Celebrate them!

5. The importance of second chances. It would be easy to look at the Robertsons today and assume that their family life has always been serene and faith-centered. But in the early days of their marriage, Phil was (by his own admission) more focused on hunting and having fun than caring for his wife and young family. They even separated for a time and looked to be headed for divorce. But Phil realized his mistake and asked Kay to reconcile. He also made some radical life changes, like devoting himself to his faith and becoming a parent who modeled strong values for his four boys. That has to be encouraging to families in crisis! Change is possible, and healing is, too!


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