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5 Questions to Take Your Love Life Temperature

There’s something about a fall night.  Even for those of us who live in areas where we don’t get a “true fall” – (no leaves changing colors, no mountains to hike, and not many “cozy sweater” days), there is still something in the air that sparks a feeling of romance.

What does a healthy love life look like?  What about one that’s barely clinging to life?  Well, what’s healthy for one person might be anemic for someone else.  So don’t hold yourself to someone else’s standard.  Instead, use the five questions below to take your love life’s temperature.  Then, administer care as needed.

  1. Do you turn your husband down when he initiates sex?
  2. Do you and your husband have a system or understanding that lets each of you clearly know that the other is interested in having sex that day?
  3. Do you take part in sex with your husband enthusiastically most of the time?
  4. Do you make sex with your husband a priority (do you save some energy for sex)?
  5. Can your husband talk to you about his physical needs; and when he does, do you listen and try to understand?  Can you talk to him about sex, and does he listen to you?

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