Raising Boys

5 Rules for Dating My Son

1. Before you date him, you’ll have to get past me.

Not really, but I will try to figure out what kind of girl you are, before you spend time with my son.  I will ask you a lot of questions and make sure you know that I know how special my son is.  When you get to know my son, you’ll get to know me too.

2. If you text it, I may read it.

No, I’m not going to be nosey, rude or obsessive about it  But, if my son’s phone just happens to be laying on the table, and I see he’s gotten a text, I might take a look at it.  So be sure you’re comfortable with me seeing what you’re sending. One more thing, he does not take his phone to bed with him. Have your child sign iMOM’s Cell Phone Contract.]

3. More clothes scores more points.

I know.  The style is to show as much as you can at the top, the middle and the bottom.  Well, just know that I’ve taught my son to look for the kind of girl who keeps more hidden than seen.  And, the bonus is that you’ll get on my good side, too.

4. School comes before fun.

Sure my son is fun, but he’s also a student, and in our house; school comes before fun.  That means he won’t be taking you to the mall, the movies or out to dinner on a school night.

5. You’ll never be alone with him.

No, I won’t hide in the backseat or stalk you when you’re with my son, but he and I have an agreement that he checks in often with home, and let’s me know where he is and where he’s going.  Also, secret meetings and clandestine adventures will be discovered—I have my ways!   Finally, I am a mom who prays.  ‘Nuff said.


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    I have both, so I’m changing “son” to “child” because these are valid for the people dating each of my children, regardless of gender.