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5 Screen Time Rules You Must Have

Way back in the old days there were no TV channels for kids, no cell phones and no X-Boxes.  Compare that to today’s 24/7 availability of screen time activity and it begs the question, what are the screen time rules in your house?

Our 5 Screen Time Rules can help you help your children keep screen time in its proper place. OurScreen Time Tracker can also play a part in your efforts!

1. Screen Time is a Privilege. Computers can be taken away.  TVs can be turned off.  Cell phones can be confiscated.  Help your children understand that screen time is a privilege that is given by Mom and Dad as they see fit.

2. Screen Time is a Choice. Screen time should not be the automatic default when the kids are bored, noisy, or in your hair.  Decide how much time you want your child to have each day for screen time and stick to it.

3. Screen Time Doesn’t Mix With Company. When guests come to your house, the screens get turned off.  When you’re out to eat as a family, the screens are turned off.

4. Screen Time Is Not Private. Mom and Dad have 100 percent access to all screen activity.  That means texts can be read, Internet surfing will be monitored, and TV shows are approved by mom and dad.

5. Screen Time Has No Place at the Table. Mealtimes are for conversation, checking in, sharing family stories, and the teaching of manners and social skills. Screen time is a road block to all of that.

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