5 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better and Look Better

By: Tonja Ward

(Cue “Rocky” theme music…) Are you ready? Because your kids are arguing, your husband needs you to pick up the dry cleaning, and you’ve got to figure out what to do for dinner tonight. Being a mom isn’t for lightweights—you’ve got to be ready to go ten rounds every day!

So how do you rise to the challenge? Moms are like boxers, heading off the challenges (punches) of everyday life from left and right. So, to get fit for the fight, you need to make sure you’re healthy in three areas: emotional, spiritual and physical.

Physical activity can be the difference between delivering a knockout punch or being down for the count.  And here is the good news!  You can win this round because don’t have to do it all at once.  In fact, ten minutes at a time, throughout your day, is just fine.

Give it a try today with these five training tips:

  1. Take More Steps – Go outside for a walking break instead of a coffee break, meet for a walk rather than for tea, park farther away, choose the stairs over the elevator or escalator, deliver a message in person rather than via text or e-mail, take a brisk walk around the mall or warehouse store before you shop, and/or go in rather than drive-thru. 
  2. Quick Anywhere Calisthenics – Alternate sets of sparring (air boxing), standing pushups, calf raises, squats and side leg lifts while you wait on a copy job, are on hold, attending a webinar or taking a desk break.
  3. Home Moves – When you get home, turn on the radio or plug in your iPod and dance or jump rope for an entire song or two then continue to unwind from your busy day with some gentle, basic stretches.  Get the kids involved too.  Turn on some tunes and dance around the kitchen.
  4. Recruit Your Group – Send an e-mail out to a group of friends or co-workers to join you for a charity 5K or walking event and then plan out your training schedule to lead up to the event date.  Even if you don’t join an official walk or run, you can still set goals with friends and then workout together to meet those goals.
  5. Build activity into your schedule– Program your smart phone or computer to alert you to get up and move for ten minutes, three times a day, five days a week. This will get you to the 150 minutes a week.  However, keep in mind that one minute of vigorous intensity activity is equivalent to two minutes of moderate intensity activity. But if you have not been active lately then increase your activity level slowly.

Not only will you be physically fit for the fight, but as a bonus you will lower your risk of many lifestyle diseases.  Don’t forget to consult your health care provider before starting any physical activity plan.

Medical information within this site is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Please consult a licensed health care professional for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition.

Used with permission from Tonja Ward. For more great ideas and fitness advice from Tonja , visit her blog.