5 Things to Consider Before You Host a Sleepover


When I was a child I remember having and going to a lot of sleepovers. I didn’t think anything about it then. Now that I am a parent, the whole idea makes me nervous. Many times I feel overwhelmed with my own kids, let alone hosting a bunch more. I wonder if my parents ever felt that way and just didn’t show it. They seemed so chill about it. So I decided to talk to them to get some sleepover ideas of what I needed to be prepared for.

After talking to some veterans of sleepover hosts I realized something. Hosting a sleepover can be great…if you plan ahead! Here are 5 things to think of before you invite your guests.

1. The Numbers.

How many children are you prepared to host? Any more than three will likely lead to little sleep for the kids (and you), some amount of drama, and lots of noise. You can limit these effects by keeping your numbers on the low side.

2. The Activities.

Talk with your little host or hostess. Be sure that you and your kids are on the same page. They may think they can stay up all night when you plan on pulling the plug on the chatter at midnight. So decide ahead of time on things like bedtime, snacks, and activities so that you’re not put on the spot.

A Sleepover Strategy That Works

3. Plan B.

Be ready for plan B. If you have a homesick guest, be prepared to cart them home in the middle of the night, unless you talk to their parents ahead of time and come up with a different plan. You can say that you’ll call them if Olivia gets homesick…

4. Pep Talk.

Before your guests get wound up, share your house rules in a fun way. Tell them about any off-limits areas, gadgets, or other taboos.

5. Laugh About It!

Keep your sense of humor. Okay, it will likely be a lot of extra work for you. If you’re okay with that, go for it!


Tell us! What is the best sleepover activity you’ve ever done?