Kids (4-12)

5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Failure

It’s never easy to watch our children fail.  But, we can take heart that failure can actually make our children stronger, more resilient and more empathetic, if we teach them to handle failure the right way.

1. Failure Happens to Everyone.

Even the best baseball players get hits only 4 out of 10 times at the plate.  No one wins them all.

2. Failure Isn’t a License to be a Bad Sport.

Failing is not a good feeling and it’s okay to be sad or disappointed when we fail. But, we don’t want to take it too far and start blaming others or pouting.

3. Failure Can Lead to Success.

Thomas Edison tried dozens and dozens of times before he invented the modern light bulb.  We really can learn from our mistakes.

4. Failure Teaches Us Humility.

If we don’t experience failure, how can we really relate and encourage others when they are experiencing defeat?

5. Failure is Not Who We Are.

We need to teach our children that their true value comes from just being.  They need to know they are loved, win or lose.



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