5 Tips for Black Friday Success

black friday success

Black Friday! If you’re a serious shopper, you get a surge of adrenaline just hearing those words. Even if you don’t consider yourself a shopping pro, there are some really great deals to be had on Black Friday (and these days—for better or worse—late in the evening on Thanksgiving). But getting the best deals with the least hassle requires a bit of planning. Here’s what you need to know for Black Friday success. {Tweet This}

1. Make your list.

As much as possible, take time prior to Thanksgiving weekend to think about your Christmas list and zero in on possible gifts for friends and family. To find the best deals, you need to know what you’re looking for!

2. Do your homework.

Most of the major retailers release their Black Friday ads days, if not weeks, prior to the big day. Now you can search those ads on centralized websites. Scan those ads for top deals on items you’re in the market for. Pay close attention to the details of the offer. For instance, some rock-bottom prices are only offered for a few hours during the day or night. Make sure you take note of not only where, but when you need to be shopping to get the deal.

3. Plan your strategy.

Once you’ve made notes about the best deals given your shopping needs, plan which stores (or online retailers) you’ll visit and at what approximate time. If you map it out, you’ll be able to hit more of your important stops than if you just wander aimlessly from store to store or site to site.

4. Relax.

Some deals are so in-demand that the retailer might run out before you get there. Don’t panic. The recent trend has been that stores offer additional big-time sales after Black Friday to pull more holiday shoppers in after the big kick-off weekend. You’ll have other opportunities, so don’t get too stressed out about any one item or deal. Along those same lines, don’t forget to smile and be kind to other shoppers and store employees! After all, we’re buying all of this stuff to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who talked about loving our neighbors, well, a lot.

5. Wrap and smile.

Head home reveling in the fact that you’ve got some goodies to put under the tree, and that you saved a few bucks, too!

What other tips do you have use to make Black Friday a success?