5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Have Guts

how to have guts

My son and I were looking over the sports section of the newspaper recently, when we saw an article mention how a player had guts. My son looked at me and asked, “What’s so special about that? Everyone has guts.” Well, that may be true in a literal sense, but there have been times when I know that I have acted like I had no guts at all! We want our children to have the guts to do what is right, to stand up for others, and to have the courage to get them through trying situations.

Here are 5 ways to teach your children how to have guts.

1. Lead by example.

Kids are always watching. If you’re courageous in your life, then your children will see that and will want to follow your lead. So be brave. Work on overcoming your biggest fear. Do the things you’ve always wanted to but haven’t because they make you nervous or uncomfortable. Think about what it will feel like when you finally do it and how you can use it as an example to teach your kids.

2. Believe in them.

If you believe in your children and let them know they have what it takes to be courageous, then they will believe it too. This will push them to try things they might not have considered.

3. Challenge them to be more courageous in their choices.

Challenging your children to have more guts will motivate them. This is an opportunity for them to show that they can do what they’re asked. They also know that by being challenged, their parents are watching their actions and waiting to see them flourish in the face of adversity.

4. Let them know that it is okay to fail.

Failure is just a chance to learn and improve. Once your children know that it is okay for them to fail, they won’t be as embarrassed to talk to you when they miss an opportunity to be courageous.

5. Praise your child whenever they show guts.

This is the best way for your children to know that they are doing the right thing. By giving them praise, they know that their actions aren’t going unnoticed by you and that their bravery is paying off.


When was a time that your child showed guts?