5 Ways to Avoid a Mid-life Crisis

Most women say they don’t have time for a mid-life crisis.  They’re too busy with, well, they’re too busy with life.  But you can still take a proactive approach with these 5 ways to avoid a mid-life crisis.

1. Plan to Evaluate

Many people who have a mid life crisis often talk about how they felt like their life wasn’t what they wanted it to be, or how they feel like they didn’t have a purpose.  Instead of letting these thoughts and feelings creep up on you, stay tuned into your feelings as you age.  Evaluate your life in the areas of your relationships, your finances, and your spiritual health.

2. Plan to Respond

Once you’ve evaluated where you currently are in the important areas of your life, make a plan to respond to what you discover.  But, keep your overall values in place.  Just because you’re unhappy about some aspect of your life doesn’t mean you have a right to do something crazy or immoral.

3. Plan to Stay Positive

When you’re faced with negatives or disappointments in your life, do your best to stay positive.  No, you can’t turn back the hands of time or undo what’s been done, but you can adjust your attitude to make the best of your situation.  You can also stay positive by making a point of noticing the good things in your life.  In other words, count your blessings.

4. Plan to Stay Real

A mid-life re-evaluation is not a time to go off and find your “true” self.  Keep it real by acknowledging that you do have responsibilities that you can’t just toss aside because you’re in a state of adjustment.

5. Plan to be a Good Example

People are watching, especially the people who are closest to you—your husband and children.  Show them, by example, how to deal with life when it isn’t everything we expected.  Don’t be the cliché mid-life crisis example who does some crazy, out of character thing.  

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