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5 Ways Wives Can Help Their Husbands be Better Dads

The saying goes that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Same holds true for getting our husbands to be better fathers.

So you want your husband to be a better dad?  First, pray for him.  Next, get him to sign up for this daily encouragement for dads and read this guy-friendly book on becoming a better father.  Finally, do these five things:

1. Believe in him.

If your husband really feels like you believe that he’s trying to be a good dad, he’s more likely to live up to your expectations.  On the other hand, if he thinks you have him pegged as a bad dad, he might feel defeated and unmotivated to even try.

2. Co-star with him.

When you’re both with the kids, let him be the star.  Instead of piping in with directions and ideas for him and the children, let him guide the moment.

3. Praise him.

Talk him up in front of the kids, in front of the in-laws, in front of his friends.  Again, if he knows you’re out there bragging on him, he won’t want to let you down.

4. Protect him.

Don’t set your husband up for failure.  Let’s say your son really wants dad to throw the ball around on Saturday morning, but you know your husband is exhausted from a tough week at work.  Protect your husband from looking like the bad guy by explaining to your son why dad needs to sleep a bit longer before he heads outside.

5. Free him.

In other words, don’t guilt trip him.  If you do a heavy, “you should, why don’t you, you never” tirade, he might buck up and not make time for the kids just to spite you.



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