Kids (4-12)

6 Homework Questions Moms Need to Answer


Is homework hurting your relationship with your children? Do you have to nag, scream and threaten to get them started? There is a better way for getting that homework done!

Getting our kids to do their homework can be frustrating.  The key, of course, is using a system to establish a routine and stop the daily battles.

But, beyond getting our children to do their homework, we need to be clear on how each child’s homework fits into the bigger picture of their schoolwork.  So, be sure you can answer these 6 homework questions.

  1. What is my child’s homework schedule?  Find out if each class has a set homework schedule, or if it will vary from week to week.
  2. How will homework be checked?  Ask who will go over his homework.  Determine if it will be the teacher or a teacher’s aide.
  3. Will I need to review my child’s homework with him once his teacher has reviewed it?
  4. Should homework be done in pencil or pen?
  5. What is the penalty for missing a homework assignment?
  6. How will homework factor into my child’s grade?


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  • Mommy23

    Sooooo needed this! Thank you Michelle Dugger for being so willing to put herself out there as a human (not perfect) example. She doesn’t try to act like she has it all figured out perfectly. She is so gracious and non-judgemental. Thank you Susan Merrill so much from a mom who also tends to have a bit of a temper and gets weary and frustrated at times. We are fighting the good fight though.

  • Tosin A.

    When angry whisper. That needs to be my daily mantra as a mother. *takes deep breathe*

  • Jenna Sears

    Great suggestions– I especially enjoy the idea of whispering– not sure how they are ever going to hear me, but I’m going to give it a try! “Soft Spoken Parenting” by Dr. Wally Goddard promotes similar ideals for parenting. Thanks for the reminder to show more love!

  • cdl5555

    This is ridiculous. I realize that times are changing, but let go of the umbilical cord mom’s! Yes, get to know the parents, Yes, have a way to communicate with your child when they’d like to come home. That’s all great, but seriously, “g-rated movies” and “computer filters” and then you lump that in with “don’t micromanage”. A little contradicting? Let them go, see how they do, and assess if you should do that again.. Go with the flow. Children connect best with someone approachable, not the mom handing out rules like M&M’s