6 People Who Need a Thank You Note From Your Kid

kids write thank you notes

I’ve always had my kids write thank you notes, even before they could write. Writing a thank you note is quickly becoming a thing of the past. But who doesn’t love to open the mailbox and see a hand-written note? And it’s even better when that letter is from a kid.

The first time my mom got a thank you “note” from my son, she treated it like a piece of priceless art. It hung on her fridge for years, on full display for everyone to admire. It brightened her day in a way I never expected, and we’ve tried to keep it like that ever since.

So here are six people to whom you should have your kids write thank you notes.

1. Grandparents

I hope your kids are blessed to have grandparents in their life. Whether your kids see their grandparents often or a few times a year, a hand-written note from a loved one is always appreciated. Before my kids learned how to read and write, they would color pictures and dictate a letter to their grandparents.

2. Teachers

Your child’s teacher spends countless hours preparing lessons, setting up the classroom, and writing comments on papers. Teachers are some of the unsung heroes in our world. Imagine how delighted they would be to receive a thank you note from your child, especially if that teacher had a huge impact on your kid.

3. Coaches

A coach usually volunteers his time. Some coaches get paid, but it’s never about the money for coaches anyway. Someone who pours countless hours of training into your child deserves a thank you note. Whether for help learning an athletic skill, how to be a good team player, or how to apply life lessons learned during a game, coaches deserve a thank you. They spend a lot of time helping train our children to be their best.

4. Pastor or Sunday School Teacher

I still remember many of the Sunday school teachers I had growing up and how each played an important part in my faith development. In fact, I kept in touch with my second grade Sunday school teacher all the way through college. She sent me letters and care packages while I was away from home. Think of all the time Sunday school teachers and pastors spend teaching our kids about Jesus. These people have an opportunity to greatly impact our kids’ lives, and they should know how much they are valued.

5. Neighbor

My kids have had some pretty amazing neighbors in their lives. One neighbor even gave them a giant trampoline when his kids outgrew it. A neighbor who lovingly interacts with our kids instead of being annoyed at their loud noises is a treasure.

6. Police Officer or Fire Fighter

I don’t think public servant heroes can ever get enough thanks. They willingly risk their lives to save the lives of others. Many kids dream of being a police officer or firefighter when they grow up, so why not encourage that dream by having them write a thank you note? And I’m sure some yummy treats with the note would be an extra bonus—and let your kids make the treats. Countless people serve our children. Encouraging our kids to write thank you notes teaches them gratitude and thank you notes always make someone’s day.

To who else should we encourage our kids to write a thank you note?