6 Unhealthy Habits Single Moms Battle

being a single mom

“As a newlywed at age seventeen, I would get a bit upset when friends or neighbors ‘helpfully’ remarked, ‘You know, teenage marriages have a 50 percent chance of ending in divorce.” So says clinical psychologist and author Teresa Whitehurst.

Teresa thought she and her husband would beat the odds, but they didn’t. At 25, she was a single mom with two young children. She went on to raise her girls on her own, get a master’s degree, and counsel other single mothers. Now she wants all single moms to know that a key to single mom sanity is recognizing unhealthy habits so you can break them before they become entrenched. {Tweet This} Here are those 6 unhealthy habits that can become part of being a single mom.

1. Child-centric living.

Focusing all of your efforts on your child, particularly if that child is experiencing problems.

2. Striving to be Superwoman.

The perfect mother, employee, sister, daughter, girlfriend, friend, and everything else all rolled into one.

3. Playing the martyr.

Acting like single mothering must be arduous and all-consuming, explaining to others, “I couldn’t possibly take any time for myself; this is what I have to do.”

4. Deprivation decision making.

Feeling so deprived that you start saying yes to invitations even when you have no idea how you’ll line up child care or rearrange your schedule.

5. Child blaming.

Getting overly tired so that you never get a break and then you act resentful to your children.

6. Self-doubt.

Taking every fussy moment or moody complaint from your child to heart, and assuming that she would be happy if you were only a better mother.

So what can you do if you’ve fallen into these single mom unhealthy habits? First, be gentle with yourself. No mom, single or married, is perfect. Sure, you might have messed up, but give yourself credit for trying. We’ve gathered some single mom encouragement to help you battle the unhealthy thinking patterns we shared in this post. The two posts below are from single mothers who know how you feel and who want to cheer you on!

How do you break the cycle of unhealthy thinking that’s often part of being a single mom?

This article is based on the book, God Loves Single Moms by Teresa Whitehurst.