7 Life Hacks for Marriage

like hacks for marriage

If there’s one thing that could use a little of the simplifying, short-cut beauty of life hacks, it’s marriage! Because although every marriage is different, there are some things – some shortcuts to good marriages – that are universal. And it’s those things that our 7 Life Hacks for Marriage will help you master.

At the very least, these marriage life hacks will certainly add a bit more joy to your marriage. You’ll also want to check out our Life Hacks for Moms.

1. Communication Life Hack: Word Pictures

2. Affair-Proof Life Hack: 10 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

3. Conflict Life Hack: Rest Worksheet

4. Compliment Life Hack: 10 Compliments for Your Husband

5. Conversation Life Hack: Marriage Talk

6. A Little Better Each Day Life Hack: 30 Day Marriage Challenge

7. Prayer Life Hack: 10 Ways to Pray for Your Marriage


  • Donde Moore

    These are some great ideas!

  • Davy N

    How should I feel?:
    1. Compliment his attractiveness – I’m told regularly how unattractive I am
    2. Compliment his work ethic – I’m told by practically everyone what a hard worker I am (& I really am), yet my wife tells me I’m lazy often
    3. Compliment his skills as a dad – I’m told regularly how out of tune I am with the kids – which is true at times – but she gets ticked that I’m not ‘all over the important issues’ the second I walk in the door after work. I may let an attitude slide (or not discipline right away) because it’s the first I’m noticing it. She has been dealing with this attitude all day and expects me to handle it accordingly. I don’t. This makes her feel like she’s a single mom most of the time.
    4. Compliment him for being a spiritual leader – I’m told often how I’m not a good spiritual leader. Most of this often heard statement is because she I’m not baring my soul to her, admitting my deepest sins daily, nor having prayer time with her with any consistently. When I do, I’m told I’m still doing it wrong, my prayers are too long, my timing is bad, or she is tired / has too much to do right now.
    5. Compliment him being an athlete – I’m told often that I’m not 21 anymore. ‘Stop trying to act like you are.’
    6. Compliment his character – Here’s what I’ve heard just over the past 7 days: You gross me out,
    You have no integrity, I don’t trust you, i don’t respect you, you’re brother is a better husband than you are, the things I tell you aren’t mean it’s just that you don’t like hearing the truth, I didn’t know all these things about you before we got married – that’s why I married you, I have zero respect for you, you’re mean, you’re boring, you say the stupidest things, you’re so unattractive, you don’t know how to communicate….just to name a few
    7. Compliment his handiness – I hear this more often than not, “I don’t understand why you don’t know how to fix ‘XYZ’. A real man would know how to fix it. I’ll just call (insert friends name) over to come fix it. I know he’ll know how to do it.’
    8. Compliment his efforts in extended family relationships – I won’t even go here… I get along great with her parents. They love me and comment me all the time. However, according to my wife it’s because they are so easy to get along with – unlike my parents, whom she feels that I do a very poor job at protecting her from them, yet still wants to have a friendship with them. Having both of those with them in particularly is very difficult.
    9. Compliment his personal interests – I can’t even remember the last time i have been able to enjoy a hobby without a major guilt trip either before, after, or during my attempt to enjoy something fun.
    10. Compliment the little gestures- occasionally, I will get a thank you for little things, but it seems it’s almost always out of guilt or to appease her conscience – either right before or after church, or right before or after a holiday, company over, etc…

    • a

      Maybe you should let ur wife read the article

    • Kaleigh

      Davy, my heart is heavy for you and your marriage after reading this. I will specifically be praying for your wife. As a woman who can be quick to speak and have a sharp tongue at times, Proverbs 18:21 has been a great reminder for me. “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” I’m praying that your wife would understand how her words have hurt and wounded you and that she would choose to speak life into your life and build you up.

    • Andrew Mayer

      Hey Davy,

      I’m a guy like you, and your post resonated with me. Can I share a few thoughts?

      First of all, please know that even in tremendously frustrating times I think there is ALWAYS hope.

      Second of all, it sounds like you may benefit from a professional marriage counselor (and you can explore options by clicking this link: http://www.aacc.net/resources/find-a-counselor/)

      Finally, I want to encourage you, man-to-man, to not give up on your wife. I’m not sure if you approach your marriage from a religious or Christian perspective, but I do. Sometimes, my wife treats me in the ways that you’ve mentioned above, ways that are disrespectful and offensive (and yes, I’ve been through professional marriage counseling as well). One thing I’ve learned (and here’s where the Christian perspective comes in) is that as the man, God has called me to be a “thermostat,” rather than a”thermometer.’ I have a unique ability to regulate the emotional temperature in my home by choosing to be calm and loving, even in spite of escalated emotions. This is being the “thermostat.” I can also react to the emotions being expressed (especially the disrespectful and offensive ones) in ways that only escalate the problem. This is being the “thermometer.” Granted, this at times feels ridiculously hard, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I fail miserably. However, when I commit to loving my wife in ways that are meaningful to her, without expecting her to reciprocate, showing unconditional love to her, I’ve found that we can experience resolution much faster.

      Praying for you, buddy. I hope there’s been some progress over the last several months!

    • Jeremy

      Davy, just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you and your marriage.