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  • Susie Hart

    I was 40 and everyone expects you to know about babies! Argh!! Read The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr Harvey Karp. It gave me such confidence and encouragement!! Drs know you’ll call a lot so do it! You’ll learn your babies cries and usually everything is fixed with a swaddle, a shhhh, a diapie, food and love! Enjoy this time – it goes by so fast!! I have references…13 yrs later, I still have THE happiest baby on the block!! ♥️

  • sheripatt

    I know it’s a controversial subject, but I cannot stress enough the importance of researching vaccines. As a new parent, you are responsible for this little precious life and you will be asked to make all sorts of decisions regarding medical procedures, vaccines, etc. Many new parents don’t do the research and therefore have regrets as they made decisions without any knowledge of risk. As with anything, there are pro’s and con’s and I strongly believe that parents fully understand this.

    For example, it’s “standard procedure” right after the baby is born to put an anti-biotic ointment in their eyes. However, this procedure is specifically meant to help protect the baby when entering the world via the vagina incase any STD’s are present. My babies had to be delivered via C-section and I didn’t learn until my 3rd that he didn’t need to have blurry vision due to the ointment as it was unnecessary in his case. But the medical staff don’t tell you this. I also opted not to give the Hep B vaccine (a disease transmitted via blood and sex- infants aren’t sexually active) and the mother is always tested prior to birth (if she’s had appropriate prenatal care). So this is another shot that isn’t necessary to give to a newborn. And this shot has a significant amount of Aluminum. So again, for my family, we didn’t want to subject our newborn to this when not critical.

    Research vaccines from both sides and then come together as husband and wife about what will be important. Have the courage to stick to your plan. Many doctors try to talk you out of your plan. Again, I personally have friends who now have painful regret.

    And remember to pray…first time moms are way too hard on themselves and need to remember that God gave them this precious bundle for a reason. 🙂

  • courtney rohrdanz

    Hey Nancy! As a mom of a 10 month old, this was so practical, so helpful and so encouraging! Thanks for taking the time to share common sense advice with your coworkers and with iMOM’s followers. Sometimes we overcomplicate our mothering and put so much pressure on ourselves to make each season look completely unrealistic from what it actually should be for the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our families.