7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

By the time the school year ends, your child’s teacher will have insights into your son or daughter that you might not.  So, before school breaks for summer, have a one-on-one conference with your child’s teacher and ask your child’s teacher the following questions.

  1. Is my child performing at up to his/her ability?
  2. In what areas do you think my child could excel?
  3. What skills does he need to work on over the summer?
  4. What’s been his greatest area of improvement this year?
  5. What area still needs improvement?
  6. How have his social skills developed over the past year?
  7. Was there anything you observed about my child academically or socially that concerned you or surprised you?

Before you meet with your child’s teacher, look over these 5 Keys to a Great Parent-Teacher Conference.

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